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Omer Yembe
Born in Cameroon
73 years
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Dr. Omer Weyi Yembe



Dr Omer Weyi Yembe was born in Mbot, on the 29th of January 1939 just when the Roman Catholic mission was taking root in Tabenken. The mission teachers discovered intelligence and ingenuity in this young lad. Then, Mr. Tasinda and Pa Mubang, head teachers in the Catholic school in Mbot, placed him in the then budding Roman Catholic Primary School Tabenken.

In 1953 Dr Yembe was admitted into St Joseph’s College Sasse. In 1961, he gained admission into the Ibadan University College and became a resident of the famous Kuti Hall.  In 1965 upon graduation with a B.A (Hons) in History Geography and Political Science and completion of a post-graduate course in education, he became the first Cameroonian Vice Principal of St. Joseph’s College Sasse. In 1967, he was recruited by President Ahmadou Ahidjo to join the Federal Service of the Federated Cameroon as Deputy Director of secondary education in Yaounde. In 1970 he cummultatively held four posts at once –in addition to being Deputy Director of Secondary Education he also served as the Principal of CCAST Bambili, Director of ENS Annex Bambili and the Director of School of Agriculture Bambili.

1971 found Omer Weyi Yembe being recalled to Buea to contribute in sowing the seeds of a burgeoning Cameroonian national educational system. He was appointed to take over from Dr A. D. Mengot as Cultural Delegate of Education. In 1974, following the institutionalization of a National Educational system in Cameroon, Omer Weyi Yembe was recalled to Yaounde and appointed Secretary General of the National Institute of Education (INE)  which is known today as the Ministry of Scientific Research.

In 1976, Omer Weyi Yembe earned a Ford Foundation grant into the Columbia University in the City of New York, where in record time - within the space of four years - he earned two Master’s Degrees and a PHD in Curriculum Development. His dissertation: “Bilingualism in the Cameroon Education” is recognized as a classic.

Dr. Omer Weyi Yembe often served in the Cameroonian national education as a “fixer”: a problem solver. He reorganized private education in Cameroon as Director of Private education at the Ministry of National Education from 1979 t0 1981. In 1981, following the crisis faced by students with Cameroonian government scholarships in Britain, Dr Yembe was sent as Cultural Councilor in the Cameroonian Embassy in London, with the particular brief that Cameroonian students on scholarship receive their stipend.

Another crisis loomed over our Cameroonian national educational system. So, Dr. Omer Weyi Yembe returned in 1990 to Bambili as Director Delegate of E.N.S Annex and subsequently Deputy Director of Ecole Normale Superior in Yaounde (1996). He retired from public service in 1999. In the mean time he was called to cater for the nursling Cameroon General Certificate of Education Board (GCEB). Dr. Yembe served as Registrar (chief executive) of this Board for nine years from 1997 to 2006. In addition he was the founder and until his death chairman of the Sasse Heritage Club which is under the patronage of the Bishop of Buea. 

Dr Omer Weyi Yembe will be remembered by the Mbot village and the whole of the Wimbum clan for his invaluable contributions. His momentous input into the Cameroon educational system remains indisputable and unchallenged.

He is preceded in death by his late father Robert Weyi who died and was buried in Sasse in 1967 but was ceremoniously laid to rest in 2011 in Mbot. He is also preceded in death by his mother Maria Ndufto and his son Paul Ebot Yembe. Dr Yembe is survived by his wife Faustina, four children: Nginyu Weyi Yembe, Enaka Marie Yembe, Fai Cyril Yembe and Omerine Yembe Aseh, six grand children, a brother, many nieces, nephews, cousins, many relatives that make up the Bonya family, and friends.

 Dr Omer Weyi Yembe has touched several lives. He died peacefully and quietly on Ash Wednesday 22nd February 2012 in Monroe, Louisiana, United States of America, at the age of 73, two hours after receiving Holy Communion and the Ashes from the hands of Rev Father Adrian Fisher (OFM) of the Little Flower of Jesus Catholic Church. 


 (By Nginyu Weyi Yembe - 1st son).

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